About Us

Jesus says "Come and follow me."  But how do we really do that in a way that shows the world we are different from other good people?  How do we pattern our lives to be Christ's followers? Presiding Bishop Curry is encouraging us to follow The Way of Love.  More than a program or curriculum, The Way of Love is a return to the ancient pathways and Rules of Life that followers of Jesus have observed for centuries.

The Church of the Transfiguration believes that The Way of Life is not only life-changing for the individual, but will change the world.  Come and learn more about The Way of Love.

Our Leadership:
Beth Anderson

Senior Warden


Junior Warden


Buildings & Grounds




Music Director


Choir Director/Organist: Rena Anthony
Interior Church Maintenance: Mr. Kong

Vestry Officers
Senior Warden: Elizabeth Anderson
Junior Warden: Susan Lind

Buildings & Grounds: Orville Forbes
Clerk: Millie Santiago


Vestry Members

Karen Agin

Kathie Barry

Fred Odell

Thom Finley

Will Levins



Church Committees

Building & Grounds: Orville Forbes

Convention Delegates: Elizabeth Anderson, Orville Forbes

Deanery Representatives: Elizabeth Anderson, Orville Forbes

Alternate Delegates: Susan Ursillo

Worship Services

Altar Guild Director: Marie Barrett


Greeting Coordinator: Joan Robbins

Lay Reader/Chalice Scheduler: Marguerite McLaughlin

Ushering Coordinator: Fred O'Dell

Community Outreach

Thrift Shop Coordinator: Carol Casper

Food Pantry Co-Coordinator: Mary Beth O’Dell

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